Dear Khalil,

I am not sure if you know how much this means to me,
It was all emotional.
I am really passionate about singing and I love adventures.
I always believe that being a pop singer is not just about beautiful wardrobe, technology advanced stage, 
millions of followers and fans, and fame.
In stead, it’s a voice and the passion to express yourself through music.
It is wonderful already to be in your concert as one of the audience,
but i got more than that...
As your concert’s guest performer.
This is like a dream come through and I want to know that I am thankful.
Thanks you Khalil and the concert’s production team.

Andrew T

(Shots from the rehearsal.)



(Chit chatting about music at the concert's after party)

ndrew T 陳勢安 at Khalil Timeless Concert 2010 慶功宴   


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